6911 sex

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6911 sex

OEO exists to ensure the every member of the Tufts community benefits from the university’s commitment to equal opportunity.

Contact us to help you receive the care and services that you need.A counselor is on call 24/7 for after-hour emergencies. The Tufts Police can help with the following: transportation to the hospital, safe housing on campus, reporting the assault if you wish to do so, and obtaining a restraining order.Call Tufts University Police Department (617-627-3030) and ask to speak with a counselor on call. You can contact the campus police by activating one of the blue light phones.Please note that listings do not imply endorsement; users are urged to use their own best judgment.Sexual assault or unwanted sexual experiences can affect your sense of physical, emotional, and relational wholeness and safety.

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If a concern escalates, and/or risk to the student and/or community is critical, please contact Campus Security at (615) 460-6911 after hours or the Dean of Students Office at (615) 460-6407 during business hours. Call Student Support, email [email protected] submit a Student Concerns Notification Form. STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES: Student Concerns Notification Form: Student Concerns: [email protected]: (615) 460-6407 or (615) 460-8661 Take Action: Safety is not an immediate concern.