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spoilers tease that the ongoing war between Nick and Victor will flare up again.

Fans can expect that Faith will be pulled into the conflict on Victor’s side.

Will Chelsea, meanwhile, despair of the increasing complication of her life due to her rather questionable relationship with Nick?

Moving in together with Nick at a time that he is engaged in a confrontation with Victor was not a good idea.

Janoskians Relationships So as most of you know the Janoskians date girls and not all of them work out but, lets catch up with the Janoskians relationships So as many of you know Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande is not a thing anymore, more gone under the radar is neither beau brooks and kristina kane are.While many fans clearly foresee Sharon and Nick getting back together because of the consensus that Nick and Chelsea have no future together, the other popularly touted reunion, Adam Newman and Chelsea, seems far-fetched at the moment.Yet, current buzz claims that Adam Newman is set to return to Genoa City this fall.Nick’s failure to bring Faith to accept the changes in living arrangements since she returned from summer camp is due partly to Victor’s influence.Faith made it clear after Victor updated her on developments since she left for the camp that she’d rather return to the tack house than move in together with Nick and Chelsea.

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