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Cougar dating billboard draws controversy

; DNA Testing to Determine Heirs to Prince`s fortune; Arsenio Hall Suing Sinead O`Connor; Mother of Three Found Dead in Church; Cops: Victim May have been in Touch with Killer • Did Prince Battle Drug Addiction?

Prince had RX Opioid Medications on Him; No Valid RX Found Yet for Prince`s Painkillers; A Mother`s Anguish for Brain Dead Child; Toddler Declared Brain Dead; Mom Says He`s Still There and He`s Responsive; Parent`s Fighting to Keep Their Baby On Life Support; Minister Mom Pepper Sprayed by Chicago Cops; Police Seen Smiling as Daughters Watched; Catherin Brown`s 911 Calls Reveal She was Scared and Felt Threatened.

Aired 7-8p ET • House of Horrors: 12 Girls Found Living with Alleged Pedophile; Pennsylvania Couple Allegedly Gave 14-Year-Old Daughter to 47-Year-Old Man as Gift; Mind of a Mass Murderer; Orlando Shooter Called 911; Alligators Have Been A Danger At Disney For Some Time Now.

; Stanford Students Outraged At Rapist`s Sentence, Colleges With Highest Rates of Sexual Assaults; Judge Orders Release of Twin Accused of Killing Sister; Attorney: Twin "Elated" Over Dropped Murder Charge; Twin`s Car Plunged Over Hawaii Cliff; Twins Had Prior Run-ins With Law.

; Arizona Police Officer Shoots And Kills An Unarmed Hotel Guest; Concerns About Johnny Manziel Are Escalating Over Alarming And Public Behavior.

Aired 7-8p ET • Bill Cosby Ordered To Stand Trial For The Alleged Sexual Assault; The First Of More Than 50 Accusers Of Bill Cosby Will Have Her Day In Criminal Court; A 13-Year-Old Girl Escaped From A House Of Horrors; A Teenager Commits Suicide After Allegedly Being Tormented By Classmates.

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Aired 7-8p ET • NFL`s Colin Kaepernick`s Anthem Protest; New Trial Granted Because a Juror Was a Felon; Woman Calls Police Saying that Chris Brown Pointed Weapon at Her; Anthony Weiner Under Investigation by Administration for Children Services • Lester Ralph Jones Admits to First Degree Murder; Austin Harrouff Was Agitated When he Stumbled upon John and Michelle Stevens and Eventually Killed Them; Authorities Have Questions for Swimmers who Claim to have been Robbed at Gun Point • Fifteen-Year-Old Girl Found Badly Beaten, Injuries Stemming From Game Of Pokemon Go; L. Sergeant Fined For Leaking Audio Of Arrest to TMZ; L. Aired 7-8p ET • Unarmed Black Man Shot by Police is Behavioral Therapist Attempting to Help a Patient; Revenge Plot Examined; More Details on Baton Rouge Shooter; Pregnant Orange County Woman Brutally Attacked in Her Own Home • The Mother Accused Of Using Facebook While Driving Seconds Before Crashing Her Car, Killing Her Daughter And Two Nieces, Found Not Guilty In Their Deaths; Police And Teenager Prostitute Reveals All About How She Brought Down An Entire Department In A Sex Scandal; Johnny Manziel Says He Is Going To Get Sober • Updates on Terror Attack at Istanbul`s Airport; Authorities Point Finger at ISIS; New Developments in Mother Who Killed Her Daughters; Man Who Donated Sperm for Free; 4-Month-Old Baby With Cocaine In Her System; A Television Personality And The Intern He Married Are Making News.