Database be bold in updating articles

Posted by / 13-Nov-2017 19:32

There are times when there’s no other way to clean things up.Many people write content in Word, and then paste it their website. Left to its own devices, content from Word will be pasted in as a huge, ugly block of also bloats the markup (there’s hundreds of lines of useless code for a single line of text) and makes it harder to edit.So don’t expect that a wysiwyg editor eliminates all need to understand the rudiments of styles.

On an unstructured page, it is up to the person entering content to provide all the markup.

Even if you are using a wysiwyg editor, you still need to mark which headlines are h1, which are h2, whether a list is ordered or unordered, etc.

Images need to be sized appropriately and be styled to position them relative to the surrounding text.

Most wysiwyg editors have some sort of "paste from Word" function, or at least "paste as plain text".

That’s what you should use if you must use content from Word.

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