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“Child support” means providing for your children’s financial needs.If parents have disagreements, they must participate in mediation to help them resolve issues.A GAL is an attorney, licensed to practice law in Wisconsin.The GAL’s role is to represent the best interests of the children as determined by the GAL through an investigation.A GAL is appointed by a family court commissioner or judge, usually upon request of one of the parents.The procedure varies – some counties have lists of attorneys who take GAL appointments, other counties have contracts with specific attorneys for GAL appointments.The GAL may ask other experts, such as a social worker or a psychologist, to provide input and possible future testimony regarding the case.If there are problems with alcohol or drugs, the GAL may ask a parent to participate in screening tests or ask the judge to order such tests.

However, the parents still are responsible for the GAL fees and the county may require the parents to reimburse the county.The parents must first try mediation to reach an agreement, unless the court waives that requirement.If no agreement reached, the court will appoint a GAL to assist the court in deciding custody or placement.The input could change depending on additional evidence or facts that are uncovered.Generally, the parents’ attorneys will discuss the GAL’s preliminary recommendations with their clients.

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