Sinopsis rule of dating korean movie donnie wahlberg dating 2016

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Sinopsis rule of dating korean movie

I have many tears donate this drama cuz it's so very dramatic at first until the last they never dissapoint u. The writing is not only fiction, but puts strangely modern liberal fantasies in the mouths of the poor actors, that do not match the time period at all.Although Yoo is lovely, as always, his character is an unlikely spineless whimpering puddle of goo.

Although I prefer the character of hwa goon more (subjectively) but I don't mind Ga eun that is choosen by CP.

Many say that this drama is good but critics say otherwise. idk anymore I'm a big fan of KSH but her character annoyed me so muchhh... While hwa gun remain firm and solid in everything... I watched So Hee's drama before as Eun Dong, she's so lovely and pretty and what makes me suprised is that she could keeping up and stand out with her acting while she's always potraying a cute . The team members are worked hard and acted very well by all members..

I don't know what to believe so I might as well watch an episode or two to see what's up. I really enjoy this drama, all the casts have performed great acting esp YSH couple ^^ ( Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon So Hee ) Yoon so hee is a very good actress, she plays the hwagun character extraordinarily, I think she's the female lead in this drama Omg!! always waiting for the prince even wgile everyone says that he is dead and always ready to avenge for crown prince.. i will stick to the Crown Prince Lee Sun and Han Ga-Eun character! their love and sacrifice for the country is awesome! We already seen So hyun's bold acting in many chances like school 2015/let's fight the ghost so i wasn't that suprised, It was good but i won't say it was GREAT enough. Cheers :) :) But i have small disappoint why the second hero character is ended..

Because Ga Eun is a great woman too Oh C'mon all of you, guys...

Can you stop doing unnecessary debate about Ga eun and Hwa gun?? For the lover, you can remember this as a memorable drama, and for hater, just forget this drama, life goes on, JUST IT!!

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