Women skinney thin slim personals dating

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Using the difference between bust and waist, and waist and hips in relation to height, a typical Playmate is 54% more curvy than an average university undergraduate.This is what gives her the hourglass figure that men find so attractive. How often do you see a guy ogling the latest issue of ?The average Playmate is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 115 pounds.

You can dress them up for the rally concert (lacy top, rhinestone bling, heels) or wear ride-day casual to log miles (favorite tee, worn hoodie, comfy boots).

What makes Playmates quite different from other young women is that they are much more curvaceous.

The typical Playmate's bust, waist, and hip measurements are 35-23-34.

They are also extraordinarily tall, averaging 5 feet 10, taller than 99 percent of American women.

The reason they are so tall is that it makes them appear to be even skinnier.

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